Friday, 24 October 2014

The Story So Far ... Inspeximus

Grateful thanks to everyone for the interest in the book.  I'm now being asked what I'm working on next.  Well, I'm always working on or with something and my work does take time but I don't talk about it when it's 'work in progress'.  A piece of art grows gradually; writers, painters, musicians etc always have to let their creations evolve from within.  I don't consider it something technical enough to be clinically planned out in advance and bolted together.  If any 'bolting together' is done, its usually at the very end in the final editing process.  From the beginning and for a large part of the book's evolution, you enjoy 'it' finding it's own way out and upwards.  It is similar to nurturing a plant.  You keep it warm, water it and watch it shoot.  The green shoots don't always spring up where you expect them to.

Marketing a book takes time and patience - it also brings a few surprises.  I was delighted that Waterstones Plymouth and Lee Furneaux Books in Tavistock have been selling copies.  Sales have also done well in the creative writing environment and with local history enthusiasts too, as Inspeximus is now being publicised in Totnes.  Interestingly Plymouth Arts Centre (where I was a member) weren't interested in selling copies.  So, I didn't renew my membership last month.  Support works both ways in business.

I was lucky to have the professional services of SilverWood Books in Bristol help me in the final editing and publishing process.  I can't recommend them enough.

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