Friday, 24 April 2015

Whitleigh Words Festival

I am pleased to have been invited along to the Whitleigh Words Festival 2015.

My memories of the Whitleigh area are good ones.  My father lived there for a few years after the Second World War in what was then a 'new estate' and my Grandmother lived in Lancaster Gardens from around 1973 to 1984.  Both of them had vivid memories of Whitleigh when it was rambling green countryside and ancient woodland before the war changed so much in the Plymouth area.

I will be running a Poetry Walk and a Japanese Poetry Workshop as part of the Festival events.  Dates and details can be found on the Whitleigh Word Festival website.  Bookings for all workshops with myself and other writers need to be arranged through the contacts shown.

In particular, we must all thank Sandy Wager for working so tirelessly to make the festival happen.  She has lined up a galaxy of different activities which all come down to words - and their importance in our lives.  Her achievements have been huge in grasping such a wide undertaking and putting the special community of Whitleigh people into a higher profile.  Thank you Sandy.

Keep on writing!


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