Tuesday, 15 September 2015

Literary Festivals

Literary Festivals - there are lots of them around.  I've attended a few and generally, in terms of a popular adage, 'the oldest ones are the best'.  The new ones don't have that wonderfully worn patina about them which give grace to a cosy feeling of piles of books and fascinating writer's of all genres sharing their views.  That said, it needs a certain environment to make a festival work well and Kew Gardens is no exception. 

Details of Write On Kew are here:

And while we are talking of the right environment for a literary festival, Whitleigh Words Festival Finale will take place on 3 October 2015 to the north of Plymouth.  For more details:

As some of you know, I don't involve myself with Open Mic, Performance Poetry or anything else which means I could (and would) bore people witless with my work. Nor do I sit in on endless performances either.  I am happy to be a silent poet, as they say.  However, I look forward to popping over to Whitleigh for a short spell on the day to say hello to Sandy Wager who has worked tirelessly in bringing everything together for the local residents.

Whitleigh has many things which some of the suburbs in Plymouth are without.  Several airy and light church halls for various functions, a selection of shops, some gentle ancient woodlands and a great pub - The Albermarle Inn - which gives a warm welcome and has been a great help to Sandy in the festival.  While many parts of Plymouth are losing their community hubs, Whitleigh is developing its own very well indeed.  Good luck to Whitleigh - and Sandy - for more future successes.

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